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You can “build” a ducker if you know what to do using the signal generator routed to a spare channel, with a gate inserted and side chained to your control channel(mic) then side chain the gate/s on your signal channel/s that need ducking to the spare channel constant level noise that is turned on/off by the control mic. It takes some setting up but I have done this many times on iLive with great success. The limitation is the 8 channel side chain processing limitation of iLive and GLD? so all these channels need to be within the same 8ch mixer dsp block. Ie ch 1-8 or 9-16 or 17-24 and so on.
Still – I would REALLY like this feature included in the gate AS WELL as expander options for both iLive and GLD. The (cough)X32 has this and it also has an expansion option in the compressor.
Pretty Please A&H?