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Hi Leon,

Unfortunately I use the inputs from the xDR (as analogue insert points and walk music feeds). I know I could do this from the surface but the xDR is my preferred solution.

I know now the setup I’ve been trying won’t work – and now understand why, it’s been a great exercise in becoming familiar with how things work underneath. Although I’m still not sure the actual networking differences between ACE and ACE LINK in the drop down…

For what I had in mind two xDRs would be the perfect solution, however, because of a disastrous issue with a mixrack which took months to sort out, and my geographical isolation, my lovely distributors in NZ supplied a second mixrack to use as a hot spare.

I was just trying to see if there was anyway I could utilise this on the larger stage festival work I have coming up in the next couple of months…. and apart from recording it looks like I can.

If I could just persuade A&H to put a huge amount of resources into rewriting the firmware to allow a mixrack to boot in an xDR mode just to solve one esoteric issue faced by one small customer that’d be lovely! 😉

Thanks again Leon, appreciate your time.