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Leon BigEars A&H

nearly there! set the Slave MixRack port-A outputs starting at ch #33 to be MixRack inputs or Channel direct outs as you want.
on the Master port-B patch [which will include the MMO] select range of 1-24 [for the ADAT outs], then for the source, select ACE LINK from the dropdown [i.e. the returns from the Slave rack via port-A] and dial up ch #33-56 as the range.
hopefully you now have whatever is in your slave mixrack inputs / channels #65-88 etc heading towards your recorder.

NOTE: you have to use ‘Redundancy Off: In1-64 from Link1’ option for Master ACE port-B. this does mean you will not be able to receive inputs from the xDR-16. hope this is OK?
I wonder whether you would be more suited to a 2nd xDR16 instead of running DualRack? maybe 16 XLR inputs [plus its port-B i/o] isn’t enough which is why you went for an iDR32?