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Didn’t work – did think I’d tried that before, but always worth trying again.
The Master mixrack to xDR output patching doesn’t allow me to choose channels above 64.
Redundancy Mode is set to off: 1-32 port 1, 33-64 port 2; so that would make sense, I think.
I change this to off: 1-64 port 1, but lost all the xDR signals; which also makes sense (I think – I’m still making second guesses as to ACE even after reading the docs).

I did make the Slave send a Channel Direct Out on ACE 33 and patched the xDR MMIO channel 1 (ADAT 1) to ACE 33 but still no signal at the ADAT output. Again because of the redundancy mode. Damn shame, I though that with my understanding that would work – again, my ACE understanding is lacking.

Confused over the difference between ‘ACE’ and ‘ACE LINK’ in the Slave output patching selection, but tried both.

In some ways it would be a lot easier if I could get the Slave to behave as an xDR: I doubt I will never need 124 channels but two remotes would be so useful for festival type stages (expander FOH, 64 master up stage, 32 slave down stage) – no more long heavy sub-snake runs.

Thanks again though Leon!