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One thing I have noticed about GLD that I am sure you guys have too is the pres have a LOT of gain. When I first started testing one back in Sept that was one of the first things I heard. Then this past weekend using them for the first time on a live TV show I had some problems with high gain. I had instruments with DI’s or miced that I had the pad in and the trim all the way down and they were still hot. I know many were not sending me line level and in a few cases I was bordering on not being able to get them down enough. I was on the iso split of a 3 way splitter so there was a little insertion loss through that transformer. Compared to analog consoles I have used for years these seemed to have a little too much gain if you ask me…Of course if we were using ribbon mics for everything that might be OK.

FTR: I have not noticed the problems mentioned here…I made up some long shielded Ethercon cables and used the supplied CAT5 Purple cables for jumpers…