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Dhak used several Qu-16 mixers for an event (take a look at his profile-picture) In your case you only need one Qu-16! There are several ways to use the Qu-16 for your setup! The easiest way is to use the HPF on your Sub! So just mix with the Qu-16 the L&R and plug this trough the Subs to the tops! I you wouldn’t use the HPF Filter then you need at minimum 2 Stereo Outputs.. for example AUX5+6 and L&R! Then you plug the subs into the AUX5+6 and only send those signals to AUX 5&6 that habe bass frequencies like Basedrum, Base, FloorToms etc.! Vocals and anything else you send to the L&R! Be careful.. a few instruments will have a frequency response from below 80Hz and up to 18kHz! So for specific channels you need enough send level on both: AUX 5+6 as well on L&R! Anyway… IMO you should only use the L&R Outputs and plug it through the Subs (with HPF enabled) to the tops! Fine settings with the PEQ or GEQ of the L&R Output Channel on Qu-16!