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Okay thanks for this. It kind of confirms what I thought. I have no idea how good or bad the crossover is in the JBLs, and I had heard that it tended to be an upgrade to use a dedicated crossover. But I doubt most festival patrons would hear the difference.

I did get a chance to work with delays on a different system recently, a permanent install. First we time aligned the mains and subs, and then we delayed both to the drum kit at the back of the stage. That was a pretty substantial improvement! Quite noticably tightened things up. I was surprised how much kick was coming through acoustically, even in this large venue with a deep stage.

I can’t remember if the L/R Masters in the Qu have an overall delay…or how the auxes are fed. Ideally, you could delay one aux to align the sub, then just delay the full mix to line up with the backline, and it would just add to the aux delay.