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I think a driverack wouldn’t give you much more quality! I would suggest you to use the PEQ on your Qu-16 to tune the Main-Mix. If you would need to have a different delay for the subs and for the tops then you should follow the advise of steffenromeiss and use an AUX for either subs or tops! But if you have the PA Aligned (stacked) then you wan’t need a different delay! Maybe a delay for stage to PA distance! But you can set that on your Qu-16!
you can achieve a really good corssover by use the built-in crossover of your subs! They will change around 90Hz from sub to top. The DSR112 should be set up without the HPF (because its at 120Hz) and without D-CONTOUR! D-COUNTOUR gives you the best SPL per frequency but it changes the sound depend on the volume!