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Thanks for the suggestion.. re-plugged.. was going to reformat.. but this time it can see the file and now it works..? On the 8th go it finally found the file and installed it…

It takes over 1 min from plugging in a Segate 1TB Expansion laptop HDrive (USB powered) into the USB port to the OS advising that the drive is available and displaying back capacity stats.. does everyone experience this long a delay?

It won’t read my Toshiba 4gb stick at all and I notice that it won’t power one of my portable drives from the USB power properly either..

But YAH– 1.4 is loaded and I love the new interface features and of course Windows DAW integration. Windows integration is great especially since I’m having drop outs on small projects with QU16 ->Reaper64 on Mavericks 🙁 Posted elsewhere on that.

Thanks dev team for 1.4 🙂