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Hello Mr Yet
And here you go.
Humans will find a way to record and use what ever they have to simply make music pleasant to their ears and inner being.
When I had an old ADAT studio with a 40 channel desk I built together with 2 desks and a hand made frame,,,
people would bring to me the cassette decks of music they had made from bouncing track to track from cassette to cassette and want me to master it.. The noise level was huge
The point I’m trying to make here is “equipment is what it is so long as it works for you.
We have come a long way from from those days to a beautiful piece of equipment like the QU series.
Its specs are right up there good enough to use in studios.
I can hardly wait the end of this month to sit the New QU32 into place where my GSR24m sits AND
then bring up some of the projects I have been working on of which I know the QU is just so responsive with the faders flying exactly back to the place where I left them after saving that project.

Just a few of my thoughts for you
There is a place for every type of apparatus
I’m pretty sure I will be able to lift the new QU32 all by myself. :+)


dave NZ