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comparing an apple to a banana

I want to use the Qu-16 or Qu-24 in my studio and for live :

This statement says it all.
It will always be hard to compare purpose built equipment to do both jobs.
I don’t think you can?
compare a rack built module designed for recording only to the likes of a QU desk.

16 or 24 tracks thru the usb b port (not a fw 800… or usb

I have tested 16 tracks both in (and a stereo return to ST3)and out using a PC on USB-B streaming.
Thjat was on a Dell (XPS 502x) laptop and a (HP i5) I got that down to 128 samples and ‘low latency’ within the QU-ASIO driver.

I Found windows with the QU really responsive however still only one way midi control data and I’m using Reaper. (so
I’m controlling laptop with midi data. (hopefully this might change in new Firmware update shortly)
On the MAC (book pro i7 8gig 7200 RPM drive) everything just works midi both ways.
However I found the PC more responsive
Ive been using the GSR24m for 3 years with firewire 800. Stable as a rock!
Now I’m looking forward to the new QU32 as a one stop shop where I don’t have to think so much about whats happening all of the time.
Sure the QU is not going to be a GSR24m or an RME or a bla de da
However the ease of moving this type of mixer in and out of project studios is a breeze.
I was skeptical about USB and thought NA no way and read Firewire was the one for me. Nearly bought 2x Yamaha N12 from the US because of the signal to noise and dynamic range etc…
I guess its really down to your ears and budget.
In the box out of the box mixing?
The next level UP would be a lot of money.
That’s my 2 cents worth on DAW Recording and now for feedback! (joke)

Just completed a theatrical show for 5 days with those stage mic’s (8 ATM650) pushed right to the max and no feed back!
and when I got back to the guy operating the desk, he had added to the user layer I pre-made, a designated fader for the outputs controlling the volume in the foyer. Brilliant!

Hope this helped?

Buy a QU24 with subgroups

bit of a rave huh? 🙂