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Nicola A&H

Hi Chris,

Question 1: Yes, you can use Dante as the iDR10 to iLive-144 link. However please note:
– The Dante network will need to be manually configured to support the required routing. Channels 1-32 will need to be transmitted between each device. Ch63-64 need to be routed from the MixRack to the surface for PAFL. Ch64 from the surface needs to be routed to Ch64 of the MixRack for talkback. The MixRack also needs to be set as the preferred master clock and ‘Slave to External Word Clock’ should be ticked.
– Should you choose to bridge the AH-Net network into the Dante card for a 1-cable connection between rack and surface, make sure all components are set to compatible IP addresses and subnets. You can either set the Dante cards to static IPs compatible with the iLive, OR add a DHCP router / server and set the iLive to DHCP mode.

Question 2: Yes, but if you are using Dante as the Surface to MixRack link, you are left with only 30 Dante outputs freely assignable for a split to the CL5. You might want to add another Dante card in Port B for more flexibility.

Hope this helps.