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There is GLD to iLive and recording however that also uses the IDR

Dave, simply replace the iLive (iDR + Surface) in the document with a second GLD. Or see if the attached example diagram helps.

A quick setup guide (there are other options but this is what we typically recommend to start with):

PART 1 (on the mixer)
– Set one GLD to Internal clock (Setup / Audio / Sync) – typically this is the one where most sources are plugged in, we will call this the Master GLD
– Set the other to Slave to I/O card (Setup / Audio / Sync), we will call this the Slave GLD
– Send the sources (typically Input sockets as they are not affected by digital trim) from the Master GLD to its I/O port out
– On the Slave GLD, patch the I/O Port inputs to the Input Channels. You can send back your mixes to the Master GLD if needed

PART 2 (Dante Controller)
– Set your laptop to DHCP, connect to the Master GLD only (primary port) and open up Dante Controller
– In the Clock page, set this device to Preferred Master and Slave to Ext Clock (meaning the Dante card will take its clock from the mixer)
– Now connect your laptop to the Control Network port and connect the two GLDs primary to primary
– Make sure the other Dante card is NOT set to Preferred Master or Slave to Ext Clock
– In the routing page, patch 1:1 all 64 channels from the Master GLD to the Slave GLD, and viceversa if needed

You should be ready to go. When I say it’s easier with ACE it’s because PART 1 will suffice. Dante has a network layer to set up as well (PART 2), although in a static setup this should be a one-off configuration.

Hope this helps.

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