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Ok Thanks for that.
So I still need to use a laptop to configure this?
I looked for a setup procedure but couldn’t find one.
Really I’m just wanting to replace the large analogue systems I have been using with out complexities.
However wanting to use Dante for other scenarios later.
If you could point me in the right direction with a link that would be appreciated.
This is all because of the frustration waiting for the QU32. I know they are shipping soon.

One more question….
Would a Dante card in the GL112 allow me to connect to an X32 if the other party or company that has that and has a Dante card in their X32. would that work for a digital split? Or is that starting to get complex because of clocking?
I don’t quite know enough about this…..
Only enough to get me into trouble. I know.. RTFM but I have been reading.. and I’m short of time now. My large (analogue) desks have sold and I need to fast track my scenario.


dave NZ