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Thanks for responding!

My mix rack is a iDR10C – modular, 10 I/O slots, RAB2, 1 PSU, carton box with an ether sound card in slot A and a Dante card in slot B, iLive rack CPU; 6 M-MICIN – 8 mic/line preamps, XLR; 1 M-LINEOUT – 8 balanced line outputs, XLR; and 1 M-MULTIOUT – ADAT, Aviom, iDR expander.

My Surface is a an iLive 176 with 2 M-MICIN – 8 mic/line preamps, XLR in slots A and B; and 1 M-LINEOUT – 8 balanced line outputs, XLR in slot C.

The Ethersound cards are connected from mix rack to surface and the network 1 is connected from the mix rack to the surface.

The Dante card in the mix rack is what is feeding my dante network (24 port switch) and my computer connects to that switch.

All of my microphones (12 inputs), CD player and laptop line in (2 inputs each) are plugged into the two M-MICIN cards on the back of the surface.

I’m also attaching a picture of our mix rack. Hopefully it will work.

If you need more information to understand our setup up let me know. Thanks for your time and effort on this!