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I’d be interested, too!

We don’t own a Qu16 yet, but planning to get one – for a cover band with the sound guy on stage. (Can’t afford a separate FOH techie for most venues)… I need a mute switch for the FX (I know you can do this via I/O routing and inserting an analog switch) and a Tap Delay foot switch (and this is where I/O routing ends).

Ideally, I’ have two switches muting FX sends, plus one for tap delay. So I stomp in the tempo and then drop in the delay where it fits the passage of a song.

Of course, the X32 is also on our radar, but as far as I know it only can take OSC via MIDI, so usual MIDI floor boards would be out, too. I’m still in favor for the Qu16, we need sturdy stuff that lasts for years (our old PA12: 6 years, hundreds of shows, still operating like new).

A different solution might be to extend the iPad app to understand some kind of foot switch (there are foot switches that are actually BlueTooth keyboards behind the scenes and that could perhaps be used).