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“rock solid”: – first show with our new Qu-16 and my DIY TCP/IP footswitch. I know it reads “Hughes & Kettner” on it – it’s actually an amp footswitch that I used as a case for the RaspberryPi, a little board with resistors and stuff, and another little board with a DC/DC converter that creates stable 5V from any DC between (I think) 8V and 17V, so standard guitar stomp box wall warts (9V) would do the job.

The Qu-16 did great on its first gig. The fellows from the band enjoyed the delay that I dropped in here and there, e.g., in some blues harp solo in a slow piece. The DIY embedded device did well, too. And me as a computer nerd quitting my nerd job this year really enjoyed kicking a linux system. 😉

I hope I find the time to make a DIY manual or similar from this experience, including source code (in Python, the most obvious programming language for hardware 😉 )