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Concerning my approach to the “QuSwitch”: It’s up and running, sending mute on/off and tap delay commands to the Qu16 via TCP/IP. It doesn’t receive mute on/off yet, though. Furthermore, I’d like to have the communication happening via USB/MIDI so that the network connection is free for the iPad. Further improvements would include a more precise formula for computing the delay parameter values.

The picture linked above shows the prototype that has 2 mute groups configured for button 1 and 2, and FX2 tap delay for button 3. On the Qu16, I have 2 FX sends on 2 mute groups, so i can drop in/out reverb and delay either using the softkeys or the foot switch.

Quite some work went into this, so I definitely won’t manufacture another one. But I might release the code and write a little DIY manual if I find the time.