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Let’s talk again in 5 years about this. 🙂

I just plugged the Qu-16 into a Linux box via USB and it showed up as a class compliant USB-Midi Interface and a 18channel I/O audio interface. Hence the Kenton MID USB host should be able to deal with it. So in the end it depends on the question whether or not the AMT FS-2 will send the right messages.

For my foot switch project based on a RaspberryPi, this means I can probably use the Linux USB-Midi drivers instead of a network connection, which could be easier. So far I have the hardware ready talking to buttons and LEDs with a message-controller-based architecture… it just doesn’t talk to the Qu-16 yet. My plan is to have the LEDs on the foot switch also update when you operate the same functions on the Qu-16’s surface.

Could anyone from A&H answer the following question: Can the Qu-16 talk MIDI to a computer via USB and to an iPad via the network simultaniously? This would definetley make me go for the USB solution.