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Modding the Qu-16 would not only make you loose warranty, but also something else: The possibility to replace a broken Qu-16 by another one, re-install your presets from an USB key and go on with the show. Furthermore, a Qu-16 foot switch will most likely also work for your future Qu-24 or the Qu-32. 🙂

Actually I don’t agree with GuitarHero that in five years a Qu-16 will be obsolete. After all, I started out into the digital mixing world with a DDX3216 that I had gotten used and stuck to that for 6 years or so – only replacing it by a 91V96i, because the preamps and converters sucked – which is for sure not the case for the Qu-16. (The usage scenario of the DDX3216 was quite different from what I’m doing with the Qu-16, so it’s not entirely comparable.)

Today I started to get into a more advanced design of my control program – let’s see which one will make it faster into the device, the quick hack or the real stuff. 🙂