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Make sure you have Issue 2 of the User Guide. You can download it here or from the Qu-16 product page on our main website. Copy/paste are described at page 24:

Press + hold down one of these keys and then press another key or screen item to copy, paste or reset the related parameters. For example:
Copy – Press Copy + a channel Sel key to select its processing to copy. Press Paste + another channel Sel key to paste the processing to that channel.

You can copy just one processing block such as PEQ using its In key and then paste it into other channels using their strip Sel keys.

Reset – Press Reset + a channel Sel to instantly reset its processing to factory default settings.

The following Copy/Reset is supported:
+ Input strip Sel key = HPF, Gate, PEQ, Comp, Delay
+ Mix strip Sel key = PEQ, GEQ, Comp, Delay
+ HPF In key = HPF only
+ PEQ In key = PEQ only
+ Gate In key = Gate only
+ Comp In key = Compressor only
+ touch Scene item in list = Scene contents