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Right on GC! I will get on the ball.

Didn’t mean to sound hard on Macs. I started out editing on Post Pros in the early nineties, moved to Mac and Pro Tools in the mid nineties and gave up Mac for everything as soon as Windows stabilized. Mac’s are pretty machines with a rock solid OS, however, the stigma that a well built Windows machine cannot exceed a Power Mac today with regards to the creative community (i.e. Photography, Video Post, Audio Editing, etc), is completely false. Windows for business, Mac’s for creativity is an outdated adage. I’ve had many good years on Mac machines, and and some frustrating ones on Windows. And today, I will take the Pepsi challenge with any Mac using my Pro Tools, Nuendo or Studio One DAW’s. Although, I still prefer to record and mix on an API console with a Studer A800 or an Otari MM1200 attached. 🙂

Thank you very much for the updated information. I certainly appreciate it.