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So this place has been the wrong place to expect any answers from A&H all the time. Shouldn’t that be stated somewhere?

Anyway, I think A&H is having a serious problem with its customer communication concerning possible feature upgrades, at least of the Qu-16.
I’ve been a life time Behringer hater. But they are really doing a good job communicating what they’re planning to do in the next months (even at forums like gearslutz). For example, they say they’re working on a card for direct USB recording to hard disk.

The Qu-16 is not ready to compete with the X32. A lot of people (like me) would prefer to buy a A&H unit but are disappointed with the missing communication from A&H concerning the future of this unit. It is disgusting because we would have liked to keep being fans.

Considering the competition, A&H should do more to encourage customers to trust them. A&H could do achieve that being more open in terms of what features they are taking into account for future firmware upgrades. (instead of a sales guy posting here to keep the tone encouraging).

I placed a pre sales ticket with my questions, but I don’t expect anything else than “no plans as of today”. I think it’s not difficult to understand why this policy would push customers to buy from other companies that do say what they can expect to be implemented in future firmware upgrades.