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Detonator and MartinW i absolutely agree and support your answers! I think it’s a shame to dislike A&H because they haven’t implemented features which they NEVER promised! If you think there are other mixers out there who have more and better features than the qu-16 for less money… go and get them and leave this forum for users-experience and sometimes a feature request but set priorities!

For me, i’m using A&H Mixers since my whole life as a sound engineer (well i’m only 26years young) however, never had bad experience with the brand and never had another sound engineer at a desk of A&H who told me that he doesn’t like it! I thought i buy the Qu-16 for smaller jobs where my GLD-80 is too big. Compatible with dSnake and the AR-Racks the Qu-16 is a really powerfull mixer and if i have a gig where i don’t need more than 16Mono Channels and 3Stereo Channels i definitely bring my Qu-16 instead of the GLD-80 with me!