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No doubt a lot of us would prefer to have more promises from A&H, particularly if they are delivered and are exactly what we want. It seems they have made a business decision not to, which does give them the advantage of not failing to deliver on promises made on a public forum by Mr. Jones from Support who has no idea what R&D is working on.

I do think there is more middle ground than A&H realizes; engaging the forum more to discuss how features might be used or to poll users for forced ranking of features proposed, or even just saying “good idea, we hear you, not sure if it is possible” might help. But it does risk becoming a full time job just to keep up.

Meanwhile, let’s agree that A&H is probably quite aware that channel naming on the console is something that a lot of users regard highly, and let this poor horse lie unbeaten for a bit while we await 1.3 firmware. 😉