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If I AM the ‘sales guy’ you refer to then so be it. I just think too much is being made of all this. Between you and Strat you both seem to be on a mission. Sure we would all love to know the future but after much consideration I see the slippery slope in making promises on a whim without testing. I have beta tested for companies before. I know somewhat about what that process is like. It is not as easy as you would think.

I think it comes down to a simple fact. You keep throwing Bellringer in our face as the benchmark for excellence in communication. I hate to say it but if that is what you want then go that direction. I have friends who sell those. They tell me flat out, ‘yeah it sounds good but really is a toy’. That from a major East Coast dealer. He also sells Yamaha and A&H and Midas.

So make your choices and quit complaining.