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Nicola A&H

Hi all,

May I clarify a few things here. As other users have noted, this community site is designed for users to share experiences, exchange ideas, read up and learn. It is not meant as a communication channel with the manufacturer. For direct questions and enquiries to A&H, we encourage people to get in contact with our distribution network, or submit a pre-sales ticket here (the same recommendation applies to Tech Support issues as you should know). This ensures your question is processed no matter who is in the office at the time.

As for the forums, we (A&H) sometimes chime in to assist or answer operational questions which are not picked up by other users. We will rarely comment on feature requests I’m afraid, but this doesn’t mean we are not listening. We log all requests – not just from the forum but from our distributors, dealers, Tech Support staff etc. then periodically sit down to prioritize features based on demand, technical feasibility and available resources. Only when software has been written and fully tested we write down the actual feature list and can confirm what’s in a release and what’s not.