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Not meaning to be arumentative(if that is a word). I am just an old down to Earth matter of fact kind of guy. I have used and sold gear for over 40 years. I hear it all the time of people asking for this or that as a feature and I have to think of what I said about get what you pay for. I too asked for many features on the GLD’s when I first got one. I saw lots of areas for some improvements like what’s up with the contrast? You have to stand up to use the thing.

So I agree with you that it should be looked at with regard to the iPad. I don’t see a practical way of doing it on the board but maybe and have it appear on SEL functions then transmit to the iPad. I have not seen other consoles in this price point as to their iPad displays. Just have not used or sold them.

So don’t take my comments too seriously or is a bad way. It is just I presume they had to stop somewhere and figured on a 16ch board maybe it was not that necessary. Now they are hearing it is.