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I don’t think it’s about ‘get what you pay for’. Cheaper mixers have this feature. And considering how much the Qu16 is able to do, the naming of channels can’t be thought of as something difficult to implement.
And: even the smallest GLD isn’t rack mountable, it’s heavier, needs a stage box, etc. So if you’re looking for a ‘digital MixWiz’, a GLD wouldn’t be the right choice.

A digital mixer like this is being advertised as having scene recall capabilities. It would be very difficult to use different scenes if a ‘scene’ doesn’t include any kind of scene information. If a ‘scene’ is only the set of settings to a given point in time, I think it shouldn’t be called a ‘scene’. If a ‘scene’ doesn’t allow for even a comment field to write what channel was for what, then the advantage of having ‘scenes’ diminishes a lot.

The whole sense of a ‘scene’ is NOT having to write down settings. Now, it does look a bit strange if you don’t have to write down any settings but… the channel name??? Why that? You can store anything but not the channel name. This is at least disapointing.

If I were A&H I wouldn’t tell my customers to buy a GLD instead because that unit is not what people are looking for if they want something like a MixWiz or a Qu16. That would push them to buy from another company. If I were A&H I would just implement a name field in the channel strip because that’s something a lot of people is expecting to be possible as a matter of course. I didn’t even came to think that wouldn’t be possible when I bought the unit.