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This is wandering a bit off-topic, but…

I work for a software company. I’m a designer and usability expert there. Several years ago, we adopted an Agile development process…which is fine for the development side of things, but sucks for design and for ensuring that a holistic user experience is intentionally delivered.

One of the side effects of Agile is that things are often released incomplete. “Good enough” is the mantra. The features lacking in the Qu-16 smack a little of that side effect to me.

One thing that we strive to do at our company is to reassure users with some kind of timeline for promised features. I’ve heard that suggested here, too. Nobody is saying the board isn’t great. There is always room for improvement, though. And as GCumbee states, there are some fairly basic features that have not yet been implemented. If the prioritization process at A&H resembles that at my company, I would guess that some of these features were deemed “useful to 10% of users” only, and even if they are high priority for that 10%, getting the thing on the market quickly was higher priority still.

I have to say this, and I’m not trying to snipe: I have the Qu-16 on a 45-day trial. I have been struggling with whether to get this or a (gulp) Behringer product. My guess is Behringer is not yet delivering on all their promises, but they seem more “feature complete” right now in some ways. And they seem more scalable. Were it not for those factors and the above-described oversights in implementation on the Qu-16, my choice would be clearly in favor of supporting A&H. I hope I don’t have to send my board back to exchange for an x32.