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What exactly is your problem? I don’t appreciate your condescending attitude! I am not a newbie at this. Been in A/V business almost 40yrs.

If you must know. My point was….A basic thing like USER’s should have been there from the beginning. Some users need/want that. Also, channel naming for QuPad users, lack of full DAW user interface as advertised, other minor things, etc. As good as the board is, it seems they decided to roll it out a little sooner than they should have maybe. Another thing is Scene changing. Several things there not as good as it should be. No reason for taking up 3 softkeys to do instant recalls(NEXT/PREVIOUS/GO). It is 2 on GLD which is still one too many. Should be done with one for up or 2 if you wanted up and down.

I think you are trying to beat a dead horse here. I have just as much right to make points as you do. Not sure what your problem is? FTR: I did not see that in the slim manual that came with it. I am bad about not reading manuals.