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Being in the same business as GR-PDX, I agree with the statement that there should be some kind of roadmap stating at least what features one could expect from a product this, from a hobbyist point of view, expensive.

I think A&H could use and being more visible this forum more in order to:
* Clear out questions and stop rumours
* Make a a person interested in buying this mixer some confidence that it’s a good buy and that the features will come. Eventually.
* Show that there marketing department is interested how people want to use their device.

I’m fully aware that there is a cost involved for that but a couple of extra sales generated by a welcoming community would fix that. Look at the forum for another mixer company building slightly lighter blue mixers. I’d feel much more secure spending money there, but I really like the idea of this mixer.

Or maybe it’s just because I’m a noob that don’t know enough that gives me this feeling.