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I thought the ‘you’ in your “I think it is interesting that several features you expect on digital mixers are ‘not yet supported’ on the QU” was meaning me. I wondered what you were considering so interesting and asked. I had the impression that you didn’t know about this feature being stated as not yet supported from the beginning. It looked to me as if you were writing here without knowing or using the unit.

Seems that I just misunderstood you. I had the impression that you had been trying to argument against some feature requests in the forum stating for example ‘you get what you pay for’ which is very different from your last statement saying the Qu16 might have been rushed out.

If your postings can’t be understood by others, I guess they will ask. You seem to like the ‘period’ thing… You don’t have to defend anything. If someone doesn’t understand what you tried to say with one line you can decide just not to comment. But you shouldn’t be surprised if your one liner wasn’t understood (by me, for example). It’s just so out of context in this thread (as other of your posts in other Qu16 threads). Why don’t you open a thread “Qu16 missing basic features – unit rushed out” ? Then you can state clearly what you think and we could discuss about that. Instead you keep posting difficult to understand comments on different Qu16 threads that are dealing with specific questions or feature suggestions. Those posts as well as your intention writing them are difficult to understand because they are out of context in those threads.

I apologize for misunderstanding you. I’m afraid that might continue happening since you have been stating ‘you get what you pay for’ on one thread, and on the other ‘Several things there not as good as it should be’. Those two statements need some kind of explanation to be understood coming from the same person.