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Paul Swytch

I’ve got a fix for you Dhak. It’s a funny work around but once I
cracked the code, (several hours later) the weight it takes off of
the processor was worth it.

This is what I did on a 2011 15″ MacBook Pro while still running my
wifi signal to control other devices.

Plug a cat5 cable directly from your computer to the Qu.

Open Preferences in OSX and click on Network.

On the left hand side you should see the ‘Ethernet’ device and in most
cases it will say connected. Click on the ‘Ethernet’ device to get to
its properties. It should say connected, but if not go to the “Configure IPv4” drop down and select
‘Using DHCP’. This will generate the correct ip addresses you will need for 2 parts of the
network settings on the Qu.

At this point you should have information (DHCP) from the computer, so write down the
ip address
subnet mask

On the Qu, hit ‘setup’, then click the Control tab.
Now click on the ‘Network’ tab and make sure that DHCP is turned off.

Enter the IP address on the Qu somewhere in the same range as the ip
address on the computer. (If your computer’s DHCP IP address is,
Make the IP Address for the Qu something like

Next add the Subnet mask from your computers ethernet DHCP connection to the
Subnet of the Qu.

Final step,

Add the IP address of your DHCP ethernet connection as the Gateway on the Qu,
turn on DAW Control – enter the IP of the Qu and – BEWM! Connected.

Hope this helps, any questions you can email me on my site –