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Hi Trevor.
You might want to consider a ZED R16
You might be able to drive your proposed tape purchase from the inserts and return to the Jack inputs?

or if you are thinking long term proposition a GSR24 desk with direct outs to drive your tape machine.

Both of these desks can also drive DAW at the same time
Or maybe you want to insert the tape deck into the channels?
I used to sync analogue tape to 4x Adat tape machines.
what a mission that was!
Taught me a lot about wasting money.
I use GSR24m with MAC and, to me…. the sound quality is brilliant!
The ZED R16 I think has the same pre-amps as the GSR24
This subject could open a can of worms here however..

As an idea the QU32 is coming shortly and that has more outputs and you would also have 16 returns.
However I agree with GCumbee
Digital has come a long way
What is tape going to give you? Natural analogue Compression? Hiss?
I know there is a group of people that want analogue all of the way through the mix mastering chain.
However you will need a lot of money for that to do that properly.
And some people are wanting the summing mix sound of desks now.
You can do all of that with those other 2 desks I mentioned.
Return the signal from a DAW back into the respective channels to mix analogue in the desk.

just some thoughts for you

dave NZ