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I had a play with assigning the QU to Cubase controls via the ‘Generic Remote’ MIDI assign facility. I discovered something interesting – when all faders are assigned to MIDI in the custom layer, the EQ and other controls continue to operate on whatever channel was selected prior to flipping to the Custom layer.

I can follow the logic of this – often you may not want to assign all channels to MIDI – but would it not be great to be able to switch the whole console to a MIDI control surface in one go?

I did try to select an unused channel (one of the matrix mixes that I’m not currently using) prior to flipping to Custom Layer and assign the rotary encoders to Cubase functions via MIDI Generic Remote but didn’t have any luck with this – nor could I get the master fader to control Cubase’s main L/R level (though I could assign any other fader). However, I’m sure I was just missing something (I’ve not delved deeply within Cubase for a long time now) and I didn’t have long to play with it – as I had to pack up the QU-24 to return it. I’m now QU-less 🙁 and waiting for my QU-32!!

I’m building a new home studio, and am feeling very happy about using the QU-32 as the centrepiece – I love the QU-24, and doubt I’ll ever need 32 inputs, but the relatively modest additional outlay for the larger LCD and an 8-fader motorised control surface makes complete sense for my needs.

I’ll do some more investigation on the MIDI mappings when I get my console – and will share whatever I produce… but looks like QU-32 availability may still be a couple of months off…