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Good morning David.
That was one of those “grab a cuppa and start the days journey with new Firmware”
I emerged later about 3pm with the conclusion WOW
Replacing ASIO drivers in PC laptops.
Firstly I updated the QU16 and tried the variables with PC and Reaper.
It still worked FAB! No change however there were.
The transport controls ran the PC (laptop) except for the pause button.
So that great. MMC sitting alongside midi.
Still there are no midi controls for channel strips so I still had to use the midi controls in the Reaper “midikeymap” template I made which works great.
So the MMC screen controls now allow the Mute buttons to be used for other functions

So a big Thankyou to Allen-Heath for the MMC

As a DAW sidecar with MAC next to GSR24M I tried the QU16 before changing the DAW controller (within MAC book Pro) as it is a unique scenario where running 2 mixers into Reaper.
However that works great
So I replaced the DAW App in the MAC book Pro (with new version) and booted and woohoo that still works.
I notice there are 2 more DAW control lines within data being sent to the MAC.
I guess A & H are looking to the future and I do have a QU32 ordered.
The Transport controller in the QU16 works fine except for could not get the pause button to work?
However I use the GSR24m and external MAC key board for those commands here.

So conclusion, it is all sweet-az as they say here in NZ.
I’m sure looking forward to the QU32 to replace both mixers as a one stop shop.
Will have to wait and see on that one.

Yes the custom layer sends midi data and NOW I see the switch can lock the custom layer in/out if you wish.
However If I was using that as a solo mixer I would want to switch between layers.
Hope this helps.


dave NZ

The QU24 updated superbly.