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I’m using Cubase 6.5 on an Apple Macbook Pro (OS X 10.7). It works flawlessly (within its current limitations re: fader banking, and I guess touch sensitive faders would have been the icing on the cake). Basically, I absolutely love this desk in the studio, and it has transformed my workflow in a really positive way.

I haven’t done any investigation of the QU MIDI implementation beyond connecting via the A&H DAW Control utility, but it’s interesting that many of the knobs and controls send MIDI data – is this also the case when the Custom Layer is selected and set to MIDI? If so, then there’s future potential for control of DAW EQ and plugin parameters too, and this could be easily coded into the A&H utility (or indeed it would be fairly trivial to code a third party version).

I noticed that the 1.5 firmware is now out! I will upload it tonight and give it a whirl – very excited to be able to bank faders to access all of the tracks/channels in my projects, and also interested to try the MMC implementation (though I suspect it won’t really replace a dedicated transport controller).

…I’m also thinking of swapping my QU-24 for a QU-32… Although I would only really use the additional 8 faders for DAW control, £300 more for an 8 fader motorised control surface, two more groups and larger LCD seems like very good value to me… Plus, I think it looks the absolute business.