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Hello David
I have experimented using the QU with software in both MAC and PC
The MAC just runs and PC I programed the softkeys to…
1 Unmute all
2 Unsolo all
3 Go to start
4 start-pause
The LEDs do not relate as they are in latch mode on PC
I programed the channel select , solo mute all really well. No LED lights again on the QU
I did notice that the EQ knobs send midi data as well
I could not get the Master Vol fader (on the QU)to move sucessfully the Master volume on the software I use.
I did manage (quite by accident) fader flip to a second layer of 16 channels on the QU16

I guess the MMC for PC will support the LED’s on the QU as it does with the GSR24m is use but then there was a downside to being locked into MMC controls on the GSR24m but thats another topic

Can you tell me what software in your PC or MAC you are using?

At this moment I am using the QU16 as a DAW controller sidecar only in a 40 channel template i made up and the GSR24m is the front end.
However shortly I may swap the GSR24m out for a new QU32 (of which I have ordered) as…
In my experience with motor fader on the QU has just been so responsive compared to the GSR24M which I run in mode 5 being Reaper.

So i’m interested and waiting like others for firmware 1.5 and what options (if any) in the MMC A&H have to offer.

Hope you can comprehend what I’m gargling on about here
and maybe something to offer back?

dave NZ