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Yes, I see that now but I might say that there seem to be a couple of issues here:
a) horribly loud pops when a mic is physically connected / disconnected with PP on;
b) lesser pops and hiss (depending on channel gain) when I turn PP on and off (with mic connected or not).

There seemed some debate whether these issues are fixed at 1.31. They are not (on my desk anyway).

And what I found (first time out and rather publically) is that b) above can happen when you change scenes. That caught me out. So you need to mute PP channels that are on in the leaving scene OR being turned on by the new scene. So apply an across the board mute group and keep the mutes safe with filters on during scene changes if you have any PP on anywhere.

This is prob what everyone does anyway but I’m a total newbie to digital mixers and these things just aren’t written down.

I should say that I LOVE my QU 16.. it is really cool balance of features and simplicity and it sounds fantastic 🙂