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Actually what I have noticed is that whenever I turn on or turn off the phantom power there is a delayed spike, a loud hiss and then an other delayed spike.. it almost pushes the level into the red.. you can see it in the meter but not hear it if the mute is on.

I have also noticed that if I connect or disconnect a mic to a channel with phantom on I get a huge spike whether muted or not…
I am running v1.31

Guess my learnings are
a) don’t connect or disconnect mics unless phantom is off
b) always mute before turning phantom on or off

Note: Because a scene change can turn phantom on and off
c) before you scene change make sure that you mute all channels affected by phantom- (a mute group on all channels (except your continuity channels)) does well BUT
d) also note you have to set a Global Filters to retain your mutes and your mute group masters otherwise the new scene may remove them as it switches and big pop again.

Bit fiddly but seems to work for me.
Appols – this prob should have gone in the troubleshooting section eh..