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Well, ribbons… they’re not so widely used and people using them should know what they’re doing. And the Qu-16 ist not primarily targeted for studio use anyways. You could also hook up a special mic preamp or another console via XLR and find that you just killed its outputs with 48V. Phantom power is always “think before you plug”!

Having phantom power always on has one little issue: When unplugging mics on phantom power, all (!) channels create some noise. This noise even sneaks through to the output (perhaps via analog circuitry) when LR is muted. So while in general this might be a good idea for a single-band show, it is an issue if you have more than one act on stage and need to “re-wire” your setup in the middle. Which is a likely scenario, because this is what digital consoles with their total recall stuff actually are good at.