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While I agree that it would be nice to solve this problem I think the short term fix is to leave phantom on either all channels or ones with condenser mics and have all scenes set the same way. Then switching between scenes does not create the pops. I tried it and it seems to work. I have worked on many analog consoles with all phantom on all the time. Many consoles only have a master phantom switch snyway.

Now purest will say not good to phantom dynamics mics. That is another argument. But if you have an aforementioned console with one switch you are doing that anyway. As for ribbons. We have all been taught not to phantom them. Most modern ribbons have transformers. I have had studio situations where we tried but occasionally one would get plugged into phantom. Never had one hurt yet. Even my precious RCA 77DX. There are arguments for miswiring or patch bay plugging that could damaged a ribbon. That is another discussion.