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Let me clarify…no levels change automatically without the user taking action. I’m really discussing a manual change in the input pad and a switchable mode where the associated sends (and fader) would “automatically” offset in the opposite direction to keep the overall gain of the signal paths the same.

Obviously if there are not enough users seeing the value of such a mode it will never be implemented.

I understand perfectly if others wish to leave headroom up front. However I try to get my gain at the front of the signal chain. Since the rest of the chain is digital gain, the signal to noise is already established at the front end and remains fixed. Sometimes this leads to some chance of periodic overloads when the band plays louder than at sound check. I’m simply trying to get the assistance of automation for a brief time at the front of the show or after a band changeover. This would let me manually adjust the gain at the front while keeping the sends and output the same. As soon as I’m happy with the input levels this mode would be turned off.