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Hey tinman,

I resolved the issue with the ST1 track by doing the firmware update to 1.5 on the QU16. It now routes properly with everything I’ve tested except for google chrome. Firefox works however.

Unfortunately, this created a new issue with my faders. They now “fly randomly” when functioning as DAW control via midi. When I move any fader up and down, other ones will fly to the bottom for no reason. This has to be due to some MIDI setting within logic causing it not to communicate properly with the parameters being sent by the QU16. I just don’t what it is.

I have everything set the way A&H has recommended for Logic Pro 9. I’m running the latest everything. OSX 10.9.4 : firmware 1.5 : DAW Control 1.3 : Logic 9.1.8

It’s also popping and clicking when I record to the computer. It’s printing this noise onto the tracks. So, right now, my board is not functional. This is the second one I’ve picked up from guitar center. They traded it out thinking the first one was just faulty.

Hope this gets resolved somehow.