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I appreciate the reply but that’s the whole reason I posted this topic…

I had found another thread with your recommendation, so I did all that and still no luck. I’ve done it about 10 times, double checking everything that you listed. It SHOULD be working but it’s not. Like I said, in the Audio MIDI Setup/configure speakers window, the test sounds get routed properly but still itunes and everything is going to ch1 and ch2. I’ve restarted, I’ve updated, I’ve tried over and over with no luck. It’s just not working the way it should be.

I do have it working through ST1 within Logic Pro but that’s because I can go in and change the routing within the program. For some reason iTunes and other programs that rely on that Audio MIDI Setup configuration are not syncing with the setting I’m providing. It’s very strange. Does that make sense what I am explaining?