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Hi ahjeff,

I’ve tried to send the dSNAKE, the EXPANDER and the “normal” control network connection via one ethernet cable to the stage to an AR2412 and an AR84. Every port is set to its own VLAN and a 1 Gbit/s (VLAN tagged) trunk to the other switch is set up. When there is no traffic on the control network connection, the connection to the stage boxes work flawlessy. But as soon as I connect GLD editor and there’s traffic on the control network I got QOS erros on the dSNAKE and EXPANDER connections. I’ve turned off broadcast storm control. Unfortunately I’ve had only Netgear GS108Ev2 switches to test. I will retest with some HP ProCurve 2626 and report.

Do you have any recommandations for such a setup with compact switches (at least on the surface side)?

Best regards from Germany