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Thanks guys.
I appreciate your feedback
I see it as an opportunity missed!? whats that old saying?
what could have been
How can I get a job on the design team?
I’m caught between a rock and a hard place here.
All of this great equipment but not quite the right connections!

I had to go get the very last AR84 one in NZ!

My summer run of events starts beginning of September.
I don’t think the QU32 will be here by then which means…
I’m going to have to use my 3 X QU16’s as a one desk or drag my GSR24m out for a major job I do. And that means having to take 8 X 31 band EQs and compressors out into the field.
Actually I quite like using 3 XQU16’s
I get 3 of everything. 3 screens. and 48 faders..
The draw back is using the GEQ’s.
That fries my brain.

dave NZ