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Hi all,

Tap tempo control is available for any FX slot in which you’ve loaded the 2tap Delay:
– Go to the FX channel layer on Qu-Pad;
– Select either the FX return or FX send for the slot containing the 2tap Delay;
– The Tap Tempo panel will be visible in the main processing tab, containing left and right tap switches/LEDs plus a link switch.

Mute groups assign and control is a new feature for Qu-Pad 1.2.
– You can assign an input, FX return or FX send channel to any of the four mute groups via the Mute Grp Assign panel on the channel’s main processing tab.
– Alternatively, go to the Mute Groups channel layer and select a mute group as you would any other channel to access all assignment controls for that mute group.

One thing to note: mute groups and softkeys are separate features, though mute group control can be assigned as a softkey function. Softkeys are indeed not currently available on Qu-Pad.


Sam W.
Allen & Heath