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I use an old Audio Technica podium mic with a windscreen on it.
Since it needs a right angle plug I modified mine, it was simple to do with only a few tools.

Remove the set screw that secures the XLR three pin insert from the bottom of the mic,
then unsolder the three wires, note which ones go to which pin, (shield is always pin one)
use some small wire to extend the wires a few inches. The shield does not have to be bare shield wire,
it can be the same as the other two.
use a dremmel with a cutoff wheel or a grinder to make the “boot end” of the right angle XLR small enough to fit inside the end of the mic where the 3 pin insert was.

Drill four small evenly spaced holes around the end of the mic and use four small screws to screw through the mic and into four matching small holes drilled into the XLR connector.
Solder the newly extended wired to the right angle XLR plug and rotate the insert so that it is at the position you desire.

I have the Allen & Heath LED lamp and it is positioned just above the talkback mic connector so the talkback plug will have to be at about the two O’clock position as you look at the back of the mixer, be careful not to yank too much on the talkback mic since it is putting some stress on the console’s connector being at and angle, should not be a problem though.